Carriage Classic

The 43rd Annual

Carriage Classic

The 43rd Annual Carriage Classic is Here!

September 6-8, 2024 | 8 AM – 4 PM

Don’t spin your wheels—grab your tickets now!

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Explore Horses, a Mansion and More at the

43rd Annual Villa Louis

Carriage Classic

Welcome to the Midwest’s largest, most elegant and lavishly appointed equine sport driving event. 

What’s it like to witness 100+ bespoke horse-drawn carriages navigating obstacle courses on the grounds of a historic mansion? See for yourself at the 43rd Annual Villa Louis Carriage Classic, where teams from across the country will jockey for first place in the Midwest’s largest sport driving event.

100+ Horse-Drawn Carriages

There’s no shortage of bespoke carriages to see at Villa Louis! Marvel at over 100 beautifully decorated and well-maintained carriages as they compete for the top spot. 

Historic Grounds

No site feels quite as appropriate for Carriage Classic as Villa Louis. Walk the historic grounds of this 19th-century mansion and take a manor tour as you discover the hidden history of this unique location. 

Judging Competitions

Who will win? Who will lose? Root for your favorite team as drivers work to impress a panel of expert judges.

Once home to a premier Standardbred horse training facility and racetrack, Carriage Classic brings to life history in this one of a kind event.

Obstacle Courses

Carriages will traverse a number of tricky obstacle courses throughout the day! Witness riders in hats and gloves as they steer clear of challenges in their way. 

Picnic Class Competition

Any expert carriage driver will tell you it’s not just about navigating your way from point A to point B—the job is also about class and sophistication. Get involved in the judging as you determine which participants offer the best (and most stylish) picnic spread.

Dog Class Competition 

Enjoy a special dog class as canine companions accompany their carriage drivers in competition.

Ready for a historic 19th-century outing?  

September 6-8, 2024  | 8 AM – 4 PM

Take part in the 43rd Annual Villa Louis Carriage Classic today.

Explore Villa Louis

Tickets to the Carriage Classic include a stately tour of the Villa Louis mansion for a glimpse into the elegant lives of those who lived during the horse-powered past!